Power of Prediction

BESTFIT helps you understand your customers better and predict their expected behavior.

By looking not only on what customers do, but also what motivates them to do so, companies manage to interact with their customers more wisely and achieve their business goals.

BESTFIT consolidates Nobel Prize winning academic research into a practical and efficient platform, ready to deploy with minimum effort. By combining the skills of the psychologist and the data analyst, we predict customers' behaviors and preferences, based on their intrinsic motivations. We do so in a gamified way and satisfy increasing customer demand for personalization and experience.

You don't need a team of scientists. You just need a BESTFIT.

The Power of Prediction explained by Chief Scientist Prof. Moran Cerf

Proven Business Intelligence

The BESTFIT questionnaire has been tested and validated by WPP Group, one of the world's largest marketing agencies. The results showed significant accuracy identifying the users' characteristics:

BESTFIT achieves

up to 96%

proven profile accuracy

"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious." Albert Einstein

BESTFIT Engagement Principles

How behavioural science practices lead to better customer profiling

We deploy a range of behavioral science practices in order to present a charming experience to your customers, while achieving maximum prediction accuracy for personality traits that are stable over time.

The desire to know

Curiosity attracts consumers' attention rates in 90% completion rates

The driver to act

„Flow" is a heightened degree of intrinsic concentration which increases purchase motivation and enjoyment

The art of asking

BESTFIT questions are charming, non invasive, direct and producing real unbiased personality profiles

We ensure it's a win-win by presenting your customer with an intriguing experience which provides emotional rewards.

Instant Gratification

BESTFIT provides your customers with immediate feedback - giving instant satisfaction with minimal time or intellectual investment. 

Social Sharing

BESTFIT enables shareable online profiles to impress their friends, while increasing the visibility of your brand.

Mindset Diversity

BESTFIT's behavioural science based approach is focusing on THE diversity that is the single most important insight to understanding and predicting human behaviour:


Mindset does not know borders, color of skin, gender of age, but is universial.

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