Use the power of prediction for greater commercial success.

Use the power of prediction to gain insights into customers, employees, and citizens.

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BESTFIT helps clients understand their customers better and predict their behaviour. By looking not only on what customers do, but also on what motivates their actions, companies can interact with customers more intelligently and thereby achieve their business goals. .

BESTFIT has enlisted Nobel Prize-winning research to createe a practical and efficient platform, ready to deploy commercially with minimum effort. By combining the skills of the psychologist and the data analyst, we predict customer behaviours and preferences, based on their intrinsic motivations. We do so in a simple, fast, gamified way that simultaneously satisfies increasing customer demand for personalisation.

You don't need a team of scientists. You just need BESTFIT .

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The Power of Prediction explained by BestFiT's Chief Scientist Dr Moran Cerf

BESTFIT delivers up to 96% proven profile accuracy

The BESTFIT questionnaire has been tested and validated by WPP Group, one of the world's largest marketing agencies. The results showed excellent accuracy in identifying the participants' characteristics.

  • 94% spender

  • 91% curiosity

  • 89% sociability

  • 87% decision-making style

  • 85% autonomy of decisions

  • 83% competitiveness


"This is ME!"

  • 91% time horizon

  • 90% level of involvement

  • 89% appetite for risk

  • 86% proactive

  • 85% passion for technology

  • 82% sophistication

BESTFIT's Engagement Approach


The desire to know

BESTFIT appeals to a basic human need: curiosity. This is proven by our very high completion rates.


The driver to action

Flow is the propensity to take action increased by 400%. When we create flow, we create excitement. Customers and leads share their email addresses whilst being in the flow.


The art of asking

BESTFIT’s questions are engaging, non-invasive, and indirect. They produce accurate, unbiased personality profiles. This approach is fundamental for high response rates and results.

We deliver a win-win proposition by providing your target group

with an engagin, emotionally rewarding experience


BESTFIT provides your customers with immediate
feedback following a fast, engaging experience.


BESTFIT provides online profiles to share with others on social media, while increasing brand visibility.

How behavioural science methods lead to better customer, employee, and citizen understanding

BESTFIT deploys a range of behavioural science practices to provide an engaging experience to your target group, while achieving maximum prediction accuracy for personality traits that are stable over time.

Mindset Diversity


BESTFIT's behavioural science-based approach focuses on the diversity that is crucial

 in understanding and predicting human behaviour.

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