BESTFIT offers a variety of solutions using a customised, engaging questionnaire and advanced psychological algorithms in a robust management platform.

BESTFIT's algorithms are a synthesis of a range of scientific disciplines, from psychology and sociology to mathematics and computer science, developed by BestFiT experts together with renowned academic researchers.

​Using BESTFIT 's algorithms is like having a pool of scientists analysing the subject and optimising the service that the person receives. The scoring system was developed by a team of mathematicians and psychometricians and delivers a profile that is granular and rich in information.

BESTFIT analyses profile data with the full consent of the subject and enures you conform to the relevant privacy laws, such as GDPR.

Seamless Process

Your engagement can start in any communication channel via an anonymous, personal link that leads the subject to a tailor-made online questionnaire. After completing the engrossing questions and giving consent to data usage, the person receives an engaging profile that can also be shared online. In this way, BESTFIT expands your brand reach and impactful viral marketing. You can use the data you receive ti increase sales, cross-sell and retain customers.

Listen in to understand the process in less than a minute

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See it in action:

Turning personal data into value-added information

Receive detailed, action-oriented insights about your customers

While your customers get fun and shareable personality “selfies,” you receive complete, detailed customer analyses as identified segments and clusters, according to your business goals.

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Our data scientists can extract customer insights for your specific needs. The raw data collected can also enrich and improve your own internal models. APIs allow linking to existing databases.


Turn anonymous visitors into valuable leads

Increase conversion through innovative onboarding

Increase sales with HI product matching


Optimise communication and interaction to the customer's personality

To learn more, read our piece on Personalisation.


Increase your Net Promoter Score with positive experiences


Expand your brand organically

Personality Profiles Areas


Our services are delivered with turnkey projects - from planning and development to execution and analysis. We are a one-stop shop for your Human Intelligence.

Longer-term relationships are made-to-measure agreements.


Identify your customers' personality traits and create smart HI customer segments and clusters


Identify your products' characteristics and evaluate their cognitive and emotional scoring


Connect your agents or relationship managers to your customers based on personality matching


Get product recommendations based on customer personality and decision-making styles

Personality Profiles Areas


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The crisis caused by COVID-19 has affected people’s behaviours, priorities, ways of life, and plans for the future.

BESTFIT has extended its behavioural science analytic approach to identify and quantify changes and provide updated personality profiles.

To learn more, read our piece on COVID-19 and Mental Health


Now is the time to act. More than ever, effective marketing is crucial.

The COVID-19 crisis has had an impact on everyone. Not necessarily in a physical way, but definitely on a psychological level, affecting an individual's behavior, priorities, way of life, and future plans. Each person, even from the same "profile segment" or "persona," reacts differently to the current situation, according to personal characteristics and level of mental resilience.


Mental stress and depression are a breeding ground for physical illness.

Identifying and addressing the most vulnerable can prevent and/or reduce a negative chain reaction. To avoid serious health issues, now is the time to act.

BESTFIT provides you with the opportunity to:

  • Engage with customers and employees

  • Demonstrate empathy

  • Reduce negative outcomes.



Scalable and non-invasive, the BESTFIT platform positions your company as a socially responsible leader in caring for the holistic well-being of your employees while empowering your HR department with the information about how to address mental health challenges.


It is imperative for civic leaders to identify the vulnerable and provide appropriate support that offers engagement and empathy. BESTFIT is the first mover in evaluating how the COVID-19 crisis has affected people’s mental- well-being, and gives governments and civic authorities the means to better understand citizens' states of mind.

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