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Increase sales and marketing revenues with authoritative insights on customers thinking patterns and emotional responses

BESTFIT is the next evolution of Smart Data and AI, adding the crucial intelligence of people's personalities, decision drivers and preferences to past transactions and actions. 


We call it HI™ - Human Intelligence.


It empowers customer-centric companies to drive business by utilizing AI technology with scientifically proven behavioral psychological models.

Uncover your
client’s future behavior

leverage your
business success

Using a tailored, non-invasive lifestyle questionnaire, BESTFIT’s synergy of psychological yet entertaining questions and proprietary patented algorithm reveal real personal information that help companies to empower their business in customer acquisition, customer satisfaction, up- and cross-selling, marketing and risk assessment.

BESTFIT consolidates Nobel Prize winning academic research into a practical and efficient platform, ready to deploy with minimum effort.

Patented proprietary algorithms reveal thinking styles, decision drivers and future behaviors, rooted in Nobel Prize winning research

Proprietary, behavioral science models based on advanced academic research are deployed in an engaging and non-invasive lifestyle questionnaire

AI powered engine matches

customer profile with products and services, to maximize customer acquisition, satisfaction, life time value and overall P&L

A highly flexible architecture enables quick turn key implementation in a GDPR compliant way

Find out details about the science behind BESTFIT:


Based on Nobel prize winning academic research


Predicts future behavior and decision making


Accelerating your business goals


A superb customer experience


Using indirect and non-invasive questions


Own your data

No privacy issues

BESTFIT helps us to understand the decision drivers of buyers of IBM products and services… a great addition to the cognitive data that IBM and our clients usually work with”

Ludovica Scarfi

Ecosystem Development Manager

“With an extremely fascinating process, BESTFIT provided us with more insight into our customers, that really helps us to offer better value propositions and know how, and when to approach them.”

Vital Eilat-Raichel

Head of Marketing & Communication 

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