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  • Robert Reuss

BestFiT is an ESG company and empowers other companies in their ESG appearance.

ESG, measuring the sustainability and societal impact of a company, has become an important factor in valuing companies. While all 3 aspects are difficult to objectively measure, verify and track, companies increasingly focus on improving their score on all of them. BestFiT is an ESG company and empowers other companies in their ESG appearance.

E stands for Environment

E stands for environment, and when you’re talking about the environment, what you’re

actually talking about is sustainability. Here BestFiT makes two contributions.

First, for the world to be sustainable, the economy needs to be sustainable. Innovation

is the primary way to ensure a healthy, sustainable future for the world. And BestFiT is

synonymous with innovation. Second, considering the environment from a purely ecological point of view, the world will only be sustainable if people behave in an environmentally responsible way. BestFiT’s ability to understand people is persuasive in convincing them to be more sensitive to the environment. It supports behavioural change to encourage people to be more environmentally conscious.

S stands for Social

In talking about S, BestFiT embodies the democratisation of data and services.

Currently, services have become elitist. Receiving better service as a customer is

directly correlated with the amount of revenue he produces for a company.. The more income a customer generates, the better service he gets. This is true for banks, boutiques, insurance companies and other businesses, Persons who generate less income and are less profitable receive a poorer quality of service.

BestFiT’s platform allows a company to deliver the same high standard of service to all

customers, independent of the amount of business they generate.

The second part of S relates to epigenetics. What is epigenetics? There are basically

two schools of thought as regards genetics. One school is that the DNA that people are born with does not change. Genetics is destiny. The other school, the epigeneticists, holds that how genes express themselves are based on life experiences.

While BestFiT has no influence on what happens to people in their lives, it can absolutely change people’s attitudes to those events by making them understand them from a more positive perspective, When a company is aware that an employee needs encouragement and support to become more resilient, the employee is encouraged and is motivated positively rather than negatively.

G stands for Governance

The social is everything that has to do with Human Resources and employees and here

the activities BestFiT is doing to support HR covers as much of the S of social as the G of

governance. Human Resources are at the core of the Social and Governance of companies. BestFiT’s platform is human-centric. It has developed an emotional thermometer/vulnerability index which, in an engaging four minutes of digital entertainment, measures the resilience of people and their commitment to a company. It comprises their strengths, their preferences, and all the other soft information HR departments need to maximize the value of an employee for the company. At the same time, it increases the experience and satisfaction of working for the employer.

Another key element of governance is Know Your Customer, or KYC. It is embedded

in companies from the banking sector to the gaming sector and is one of the hottest topics for regulators. Studies have determined that a company knows its customers better through indirect questions, which are much more reliable than direct questions, as indirect questions eliminate social biases and the tendency of people to show themselves in a different way than they really are. The BestFiT platform is based on the responses to non-invasive lifestyle questions.

ESG is Key

ESG has become a major criterion for investors and clients measuring the quality of a

company. BestFiT is not only an ESG company. Its platform is a powerful tool to support corporate ESG.

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