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  • Robert Reuss

Great customer care in times of a crisis

BESTFIT is the first insurtech company to offer an empathetic and efficient reach out solution to insurance companies to deliver best customer care even in times of a crisis. Customer care is at the heart of all thriving companies and indispensable for a successful crisis management. It does not only strengthen customer loyalty but also improves the company’s image by demonstrating true customer support.

Message to Customers: "We care!", “Together we are strong!”, "We think about you and are here for you!”, “Let’s put a smile on your face!”

With its charming digital questionnaire (12 questions based on behavioral science and the synergy of HITM (Human Intelligence) and AI), BESTFIT delivers: ultimate benefits for insurance companies and their clients.


  • Superb engaging experience (engagement rate ~ 90%)


  • Data collection about: personality characteristics, decision drivers and preferences

  • Empowering future communication, Up/ Cross Selling

URLs can only be matched by insurance companies. BESTFIT’s questionnaire can be personalized with company logo and can be ready within a few days.

For more information please contact

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