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  • Robert Reuss

How BESTFIT empowers Human Resources during COVID-19



The current crisis caused by COVID-19 effects individual’s behavior, priorities, way of life, and plans for the future as well as their performance as employees. Yet, global testing systems only differentiate between infected and non-infected neglecting the emotional well-being. BESTFIT’s behavioral science platform measures through a ~ 3 minutes entertaining digital self discovery journey the employee’s emotional well-being, resilience and current state of mind. Furthermore, BESTFIT provides the company with business intelligence and tailored texts to best communicate with 1) each individual and 2) clusters for the most impactful interaction with employees.

BESTFIT’s Emotional Thermometer shows companies what’s best for their staff’s mental health by identifying clusters that need support and providing a context for action as for example when or how employees should come back to work. Scalable and not invasive, the BESTFIT platform positions the company as a social responsible leader in caring for the holistic well-being of its employees while empowering the HR department with the information how to address the challenges and transform them into opportunities for employees and the company.

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