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Bar-Ilan University and BESTFIT

Subject: Behavioral Science – Business Success

BESTFIT has been invited by the Bar-Ilan University to hold a Webinar about Behavioral Science for Business Success.

Prof. Dr. Meni Kowlowsky, Professor and Emeritus Chairman of the psychology department, holds a Ph.D. in psychology from Cambridge University and is a fellow of APA (American Psychology Association) and SIOP (Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology). Prof. Dr. Kowlowsky will personally open the webinar and introduce BESTFIT.

Topics include:

AI and HITM   – Artificial and Human Intelligence

Power of Prediction: increase customer base and sales

A new Dimension of Data


Date: Thursday, April 2

Time: 11:30 Israel Time

Webinar ID: 300-596-038

Please confirm your participation to:

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